Monday, July 13, 2009

8 Tips to Get Him to Notice You in 10 Days

1. Stop playing hard to get.A guy likes a girl who has got it going on, but if you want to find love in 10 days and you're not around, it isn't going to happen. Being unavailable seems rigid and high-maintenance. If he throws out a time that doesn't work for you, either say yes to the next option or propose a date of your own. If you won't make time early on in the relationship, single men take it to mean you definitely won't make time later.

2. Be attentive: This is not the time to text. Conversation is like kissing. It's a two-way street, and those roads are meant to be shared. Be sure to ask questions, answer questions thoughtfully, and engage in conversation. Make eye contact, and please, please, please put your cell phone away.

3. Try something new. It's usually the man's responsibility to make the date fun, and that puts a lot of pressure on us. So even if you don't like the activity we've picked out, go along for the ride with an open mind and positive attitude.

4. Let your guard down. Past relationships and bad blind dates may have made you jaded, but don't assume this guy "is just like all the rest." And not that you would, but under no circumstances should you bring up your guy woes around the new object of your affection.

5. Stop texting and no one will get hurt. Don't be that girl who communicates only via abbreviated words and emoticons -- and don't let him be that guy. When you're starting to date someone, texting, emailing, or instant messaging should be used in emergencies only (like when you lose him at an insanely crowded, loud concert).

6. Know the power of your outfit. We all buy into the latest fashion trends, but your goal with your date is to lure him in. Men want to see you in something that shows off your figure but isn't sleazy, which sends a message of desperation. Another sign of desperation is looking like you tried too hard. Guys aren't lying when they say they want a girl who can roll out of bed and still look gorgeous.

7. TMI is never a good thing. Sharing too much too soon can be easily misconstrued. Anecdotes and good conversation are always a plus, but when talking about yourself, leave out unnecessary details. On the list of forbidden topics: exes, family plans, and anything else that could send him heading for the hills.

8. Keep him wanting more. No matter how well a first date is going, be sure it doesn't run into the wee hours of the morning.

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