Friday, July 10, 2009


This test helps you to test how much your love relationship is faithful with your loved one.

1. Your partner likes talking with you. No/Yes
2. He/she cancels plans when partners buds to be with you. No/Yes
3. Your partner was nervous When he met your family. No/Yes
4. Your partner gives you gift on some important days like birthdays and Valentine's Day. No/Yes
5. Both of You have a shared vocabulary. No/Yes
6. Your partner call you with your nick name. No/Yes
7. Is it true that your partner taking care in public places? No/Yes
8. Is it your partner taking care of your health? No/Yes
9. Chronically late is your partners life style? No/Yes
10. Is it your partner remember doctor's appointment at time when you are seek? No/Yes

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