Friday, July 17, 2009


I’ve been seeing a quy for 2 1/2 years now. We’ve both said “I love you” and your are my “soulmate”. The problem is, he has also been in and out of a relationship with another woman for 27 years. He has cheated on her many times. I know what you will tell me. Get rid of him. We fight all the time over the “other woman”. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her. He says he will tell her when he’s sure our relationship will work. He wants to get back to all the good times. I’ve tried to tell him thay I can’t get back there unless I get a complete commitment from him. I can’t get the other woman out of my mind. It’s always there. Am I crazy?

Answer: (Realize I am a man) You are most likely allowing your emotions to do your thinking, understandably so, but you need to use your brain. You fight because of your insecurity in the relationship. You are insecure, because you do not have a commitment. True love commits, it does not leave the fire escape open. You will have conflicts in any relationship, that is because each partner is imperfect. It is through love and maturity that you get beyond those issues. So he says that he does not want to hurt her? Excuses, excuses, so he would rather hurt you instead? And he says he wants to make sure it will work with you? How can it work with you when he is two timing you? Do not sacrifice your self respect for someone who does not respect you. Do not allow yourself to be played, and do not give any man the honey until you have been married. Many guys will take the honey if you give it, and then like a bear, only come around again for more honey.

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